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Vignettes [Luckyme]


Mike Slott

“This group of tracks is an attempt at creating my own ‘inner soundtrack’, scene by scene. It was a process inspired by my first experience of composing music for film when I was asked to create & perform an alternative soundtrack to a wonderful Russian film - Andrei Zvyagintsev's ‘The Return’. Writing to picture was an eye opening experience as i began to see my own music in a totally new light. Watching it come to life in a way I’d never seen before, it all just kind of clicked. It taught me how the use of space is so important in working with film and how saying a little can really go a long way in some instances. I performed the soundtrack at the Edinburgh International Festival & the Unheard Film Festival in Amsterdam, and came back to New York intent on completing ‘Vignettes’ as its own record - this time drawn from scenes in my imagination and inspired by my first adventures in film” Mike Slott 2020
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Ep of the week”


10 years since he spearheaded the wonky hip hop movement, Slott returns with a suite of serene, beat-less ‘Vignettes’ to mark distance travelled since the late ‘00s”


i love this record”

Benji B - BBC Radio 1

A co-founder of the LuckyMe collective, Mike Slott produces several types of exploratory electronic music, from fractured hip-hop beats to shimmering, radiant ambient pieces. His early solo releases, such as 2009's Lucky 9Teen, and collaborations with Hudson Mohawke (as Heralds of Change) cross-pollinated the aesthetics of the U.K. bass and Los Angeles beat scenes, giving rise to the style referred to as "wonky" at the time. His subsequent work ventured into club music, electro-pop (as part of the duo Lesser Pieces), and cinematic soundscapes, as on 2020's Vignettes...

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Benji b - in 3 records


Mike Slott

Busta Rhymes is the album of the week, and Mike Slott describes himself in 3 amazing tracks.

REsident advisor mix

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