• Conference of the birds. #brooklyn #nyc #rumi

  • I thought I was eating breakfast this morning but in reality i was running though an SSL in Belgium. Good to know.

  • Irish Breakfast (at Dublin)

  • Loving this game #monumentvalleygame

  • All the best for 2014 everyone! Very happy to be starting it at home xx (at Terenure)

  • I’ll be picking this lad up for Xmas. Prolly cheaper than a flight home by the looks of things (at Williamsburg)

  • This ol chestnut (at brooklyn)

  • Visited the 3D chalk art festival yesterday.

  • Hey friends, This Wednesday in New York City.
    #boilerroom #ninjatune #machinedrum

  • (Persian mystic poem, quoted on p. 77, “Stories from the Delight of Hearts, The Memoirs of Haji Mirza
  • "Make no search for water.
    But find thirst,
    And water from the very ground will burst."